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Twitter All-Star MASTERY (1-on-1 Mentoring)

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Are you tired of tweeting and watching your content die in the algorithm with no engagement?

Maybe you're tired of promoting your affiliate links daily without any success?

Or maybe you're just tired of engaging on Twitter for hours and not gaining any decent amount of followers...

What if I told you that Twitter doesn't need to be this complicated or tiring.

I started my Twitter account on September 11, 2020.

In the past 1 year I've built a Twitter brand of over 30,000 followers & have dedicated my time to learn and understand EXACTLY what works on Twitter and what doesn't.

I've put together this Mentorship program for the ones who are TRULY serious about their Twitter brand... (Which I know you are)

The ones who want to become real TWITTER ALL-STARS

So Here's What's Included...

1. 1-on-1 30-minute strategy meeting's with me every week where we can discuss brand building and review your current progress. We will hop on a audio voice chat and I will literally teach you everything I know.

2. Real growth strategies that have helped me see results like these 👇

3. I will teach you how to build a LONG-TERM brand that will last for years on Twitter

4. I will teach you how to MONETIZE your Twitter account in multiple ways (Learn to sell anything, whether it be your own product/service or someone else's)

5. I will teach you how to create VIRAL content consistently + You will learn the formula to NEVER run out of content to tweet

6. DAILY RT's from me for as long as the program lasts (Gain massive attention on your tweets)

  • 30 day program means 30 retweets (1 per day)
  • 2-Week program means 14 retweets (1 per day for 14 days)

7. A FREE COPY of my Twitter course - Tweet2Earn: The Verified Method To Earn $1000's using Twitter

8. FREE ACCESS to my exclusive Twitter private mentorship group!

My ULTIMATE goal as a mentor is to not only make sure you get great results from the program, but that I teach you exactly how to get these results by yourself.

I want every single one of you to understand what works and exactly why its working.

So that once you finish this program, you'll know exactly how to build a long lasting brand on Twitter YOURSELF

Lets take your Twitter game to the next-level...


Click "I Want This" To Get Started!

Start earning weekly payouts like these! 👇


Any questions related to the mentorship program, you can reach out to me on Twitter @Risk2Earn via Direct Message

PS: Due to the nature of the content, there will be no refunds!

  • Tweets shared for RT's must also not contain any promotion in the original first tweet (Promo in attached tweet allowed)
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Twitter All-Star MASTERY (1-on-1 Mentoring)

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